We offer credit control solutions that help
keep your business in the black

Red Line Credit Control is expert at helping recover payment for overdue invoices. If the invoice debt is less than six years old, we can help. The amount owed is irrelevant, from just £30 to over £100,000!

We use many different proven techniques for debt recovery on overdue monies. This can be a phone contact, email, letter, or any other type of communication and combination of these.

Whatever the method we use, we are measured on one thing only: results.

Red Line Credit Control has a proven track record in recovering debts of all sizes. Many clients use our services time and again, and we operate on a one off basis or can be on a retained client service, where we will deal with all overdue accounts for you automatically. This can free up time for you and your day to day accounts team, and lessen the stress you feel!

If you have done the work, you deserve to be paid.

Company debts can take all shapes and sizes. Whilst a debt of £200 may not seem much to a business turning over £250k a year, to a small sole trader it can be a week’s profit. At Red Line Credit Control we firmly believe that if you have done the work or supplied the service, you deserve to be paid. So, invoices beyond the deadline, call out Red Line!

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